7 Quick Ways To Make Your Car Smell Amazing

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New car smells don’t last long at all, accidental spills, dirt build-up and random questionable finds under the seats can leave you asking, “what is that smell?” Most of us spend a lot of time in our car — work, school runs and trips can all be ruined by a foul smelling environment in your car. Luckily, we have gathered 7 easy solutions to make your car smell amazing.

Mason Jar Wax Freshener

Add a few scented wax cubes in a jar that has a top with holes and place in your cup holder. When your car heats up from the sun, the wax melts leaving you with a fresh smelling car.

DIY Car Vent Air Freshener

With some ribbon, a cotton ball, a little glue and your favorite essential oil — your car will smell amazing in no time at all. {DIY}

Gel Bead Air Freshener

Looking for a super quick and cheap way to bring some great smells to your car? Pick up some floral hydration beads and add them to a mason jar with holes in the lid. Fill the bead stuffed mason jar with liquid potpourri and wait overnight so the beads are dully hydrated. You could use essential oils for this instead of the potpourri.

Two-Minute Rice Air Freshener

If you’re looking for a quick solution to a great smelling car, take some uncooked rice and add 20 drops of essential oil. Add to a jar with small holes (rice should not fit through holes). Anytime you need a whiff of scent just shake the jar and it will smell like new again.

DIY Air Freshener

Take a small 2 oz bottle, add rubbing alcohol, essential oils and a pinch of salt to make your very own spray air freshener for your car.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can be used in other places beyond your laundry room. Place a box of opened dryer sheets under the seat of your car for a fresh laundry smelling scent.

Deep Cleaning

While masking the smell with good scents helps your car smell better for a short period of time. The best most effective way to a great smelling car is by giving it a good deep cleaning at least once a week. Dust and gunk can get stuck in hard to reach places such as air vents, so by taking a dampen, soapy toothbrush or sponge to those places will help keep the foul smells away. Wipe your interior down often to help keep your car fresh and clean — try these awesome DIY armor all wipes to wipe down your dashboard, console and even your tires!

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