8 Essential Tips For The Perfect Picnic

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It’s that time of year when the sun is shining and the weather is just right. Spring and Summer are the perfect times to have a picnic with family, friends or your significant other. However, if you come unprepared — your picnic could turn into a disaster. We’ve listed 8 essential tips so you can have a worry free, prepared picnic that everyone can enjoy.

Protection From The Sun & Bugs!

Nobody wants to sit in the direct sun, sweating while trying to enjoy a nice picnic. Try to pick a shaded spotfor your picnic, lay your blanket down under a tree, bring an umbrella or a tent. Don’t forget the sun screen! Also, one of the most annoying ways a picnic can be ruined is by pesky bugs trying to take over, so it’s best to be prepared. Grab some insect repellent, Citronella Candles, or use a natural repellent of Vicks Vapor rub, which keeps the bugs away by rubbing a little on your skin and clothes.

Ditch The Dishes

Having to deal with tons of plates, silverware, and cups can get a little messy, leaving you with a mess to clean up on a day you’re wanting to enjoy and relax. Ditch the dishes, instead bring foods that don’t rely on them, such as cheese strings, crackers, fruit, veggies, and refillable water bottles for everyone. When having a picnic, snacks are the smartest way to go, because they require minimal effort to prepare, and little to no mess to clean up after.


Messes happen, always — be prepared. Wipes are great to have around when having a picnic. Small spills, messy hands, or a quick clean up. Wipes are the perfect tool for tackling messes when you have no soap and water readily available,

Freeze Water Bottles

If you are not a fan of warm drinking water, be sure to freeze some water bottles before your picnic. The sun will melt the water down enough to drink, while keeping it cold and enjoyable on a hot day.

Bring a tablecloth

Whether on a table, grass, or sand — a tablecloth is a great choice for spreading out your picnic on. The tablecloth is more easier to clean than a blanket or rug. Place small rocks on the four corners of your picnic tablecloth to keep it in place.

Check the weather

Nothing ruins a picnic like bad weather. Be sure to check your local weather when planning for your picnic. Sunny day’s with 0% rain are the best days for a picnic, and while a breeze will be enjoyable, high winds would make it very difficult to enjoy your day, so check these conditions before setting out.

Pack One Cooler

Less is always better, if you need to keep things cool during your picnic, be sure to pack one cooler with what you need for the day instead of bringing multiple coolers, which takes up tons of room. Things such as ice packs in kids lunchboxes are a great idea, and can be used to cool yourself off if it gets too warm.


The food is gone, the conversation is getting dull. This means it’s time to bring out some games. Frisbee, kite flying, bubbles for the kids, card for the adults or a fun family board game are all great things to bring to spark up some fun during your picnic. One of our favorites to play — Twister!

Don’t forget the small stuff

Don’t you hate when you make it to your destination to realize you forgot the most simplest, yet essential thing? Be sure to make a list the day before of all the things you will need such as, your camera, can opener, wine opener, sun glasses and all the other things that could turn your picnic into an unexpected trip to the store. The best way to be prepared for any event is to plan ahead of time.

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