8 Seriously Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

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Kids costumes are bought, candy is all stocked up and you haven’t figured out what exactly you’re going to be or if you will even have the time to dress up at all. Whether you’re handing out treats at home, going to a Halloween party or hitting the streets to trick-or-treat with your little ones, you can dress up without much effort at all with these 10 beyond easy Halloween costume ideas.

Audrey Hepburn

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With a simple black dress, pearls, long black gloves, black shades and your hair in a french twist — you can easily channel your inner Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It’s Raining Men

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This Halloween costume is not only fun it is also super easy to make. Add some faces of men to your umbrella with fishing line and stick glue and throw on any rain attire you have lying around. {get the tutorial}

Green with Envy

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This green with envy costume is easy and its a great idea for a couples costume. Wear all green and use iron on letters to add ENVY to your spouses t-shirt for a unique Halloween costume that is ready in minutes.

DIY Cactus Costume

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With materials you already have lying around the house, turn an ordinary dark green dress into a stylish, cactus costume. {get the tutorial}


8 Seriously Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 724601901
Turn your white dress and some toy snakes from the dollar store into the most perfect Madusa costume in no time at all. Add some gold jewelry pieces and gold sandals for a complete look.

Minnie Mouse

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We all love Minnie Mouse and with this easy costume, you’ll love transforming into your favorite mouse too! Black felt cut out circles glued to a tulle red skirt using tacky glue, Minnie mouse ears, a black top and black tights make this one of the easiest and cutest costume DIYs.

A Flower Pot Costume

8 Seriously Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 1274702999
This flower pot costume is easy to make and can be done for children or adults too!

Self Absorbed

8 Seriously Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 793839169
It couldn’t get anymore easier than this super absorbed costume. Glue sponges (clean preferably) onto a t-shirt and boom instant costume.

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