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9-Year-Old Girl Dies In Shower Electrocution

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A 9-year-old girl died at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in her home in Avert, France after being electrocuted in the shower. According to Sky News, the girls mother and step father heard the young girl screaming in the bathroom and went to help her. The parents rushed into the bathroom to find water on the floor and a burnt shower head. The girl was lying in the bathtub. The 32-year-old step-father died while trying to save her. The 29-year-old mother got severly burnt while trying to help them both.

9-Year-Old Girl Dies In Shower Electrocution 1296200568

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The family had recently purchased the home in France, while the cause of the accident is unknown, it may have been related to the construction of the home. According to the report, “There seems to be a multiple outlet near the shower and there was water on the floor. The mother’s partner was the first to intervene and the mother took the initiative to cut off the power before trying to save her daughter and partner in vain.”

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