’90 Day Fiance’ Jorge Nava Busted With 293 Pounds Of Weed

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90 Day Fiancé star Jorge Nava is best known for marrying his Russian girlfriend, Anfisa Arkhipchenko who openely admitted on the show to expecting a $10,000 monthly allowance along with an extravagant lifestyle.

Jorge Nava recently got busted with a lot of weed– 293 pounds to be exact. Ignoring the Arizona laws for proper licensing resulted in Nava being arrested on multiple felony counts. The police pulled Nava over for a traffic violation in Mojave County and found the weed in his car during a search.

He spent two days in jail before posting $25,000 bail and with the charges against him, he is facing up to 12 and a half years in prison. Medical cannabis is legal in Arizona, but it is not legal on a recreational level.

Arkhipchenko was not shy to express her disappointment when finding out Nava wasn’t as wealthy as he led her to believe. Through all the controversy the couple did tie the knot, but things seemed to not being going well during the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After tell all special, with both spilling each others dirty secrets, fans for sure thought they were headed for a split.

However, Arkhipchenko changed her name to Anfisa Nava leaving fans asking the question, are the two back together? Anfisa said she wants to keep her personal life private when asked any questions on their status.

The Russian model recently posted to Instagram that she is ” a full-time student in a community college” and  “planning to get an associate degree and then transfer to university to get bachelor’s” and goes on to say she pays for everything by herself.

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