A Trick-or-Treating List Full Of Celebrities Addresses Has Gone Viral

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Being a celebrity, one of the most scariest things, is having people know where you stay. However, thanks to a New Jersey real estate agent, many kids will be lined up in front of celebrity homes to get their treats. The real estate agent posted the list to her Facebook page, where it has been shared thousands of times.

Now since “The Celebrity Trick or Treat Tour” list has been published, not only kids, but adults will be visiting the houses of celebrities such as, Chris Rock, Stevie Wonder, Wesley Snipes, Alicia Keys and more!

The list even goes as far to name the items that will be given out to kids on Halloween night. According to the list, Robin Modell, who owns Modell’s Sporting Goods, will be handing out $5 gift cards to the store, as well as king-size candy bars.

“We are all upset about it, we are not really happy about it,” Modell told Inside Edition. “She lists who lives in every home, what we give … They’ll be storming the doors, we’re happy to give, it but it’s crazy.”

Caroline Manzo, from RHONJ, is also really worried about her address being leaked on the list. “We got all of these hundreds of kids, we can have one, two, five people that are not there for positive reasons and want to look around your house and you have a robbery,” Manzo said.

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