Adam Silver Lets NBA Fans Know He Will Not Be Intervening In Knicks Operations

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The Knicks have been in the news recently after firing their head coach, they’re moving towards a different direction and haven’t provided much detail on the way they’ll be moving forward.

Commissioner Adam Silver is being asked if he’ll step in and persuade their decision on what to do after the recent season woes they’re being seen as a team that can’t be successful.

Majority of the time a commissioner will not step in regardless of how bad the team is performing. Silver explains:

“I wouldn’t. It’s not my role,” said Silver. “Of course, I work for 30 teams. And the 29 other teams want to beat that team. That’s not to say me getting involved and that I’m in any better position to know what to do. We set the rules. And then we try to have a level playing field for the teams to compete.”

David Stern the previous commissioner was forced to step in after Isaiah Thomas was hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit, this was in a effort to protect the NBA Silver is explaining to fans around the world he’s only able to step in if it’s damaging the NBA.

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