After Winning The NBA Finals Nick Young Jokes About Cheating On Iggy Azalea

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The Warriors were thrilled over their sweep against the Cavaliers in the NBA finals last night. It was a big night for the team and Nick Young was among one of the team members who was overjoyed to have taken the victory at the Cleveland Cavs home court. Young was in such high spirits that he took the opportunity to make a little fun of himself.

During an interview after the game Young said “‘I went from being snitched on to about to put a ring on,” mocking the cheating scandal toward his former fiance, Iggy Azalea.

Young was making the comment on how he had managed to come a long way and was happy to have won the finals. The joke received lots of laughs from the reporters and his teammates as well.

It’s good the NBA star is able to laugh it all off now considering he had all his clothes burned by his ex in retaliation against him being a cheater. During Watch What Happens Live Azalea revealed that after Young cheated on her she burned all his most beloved items — his clothing.

“I burned them all, darling! I burned a LOT, and threw stuff in the pool, as well. I started off with water and it just seemed like that did not work. Every designer you could think of I burned,” she said.

Many Golden State fans believe the title was not deserved by Young given his trade from the Lakers only a year ago and with little effort. However, he is a Warrior and deserves the celebration just the same, but joking about cheating maybe was a bit unnecessary.

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