Aldi Is Selling Turkey Cranberry Ravioli For “Thanksgiving in a Bite”

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Move over turkey and dressing, there is a new food taking over this Thanksgiving! Aldi is taking your favorite holiday favorites and stuffing them into a ravioli — yum! The grocery chain will start selling Turkey Cranberry ravioli next month. The packaging says the new ravioli is “a traditional blend of slow roasted turkey with cranberries, stuffing, and fine cheeses,” and recommends the stuffed ravioli be served with gravy.

Aldi Is Selling Turkey Cranberry Ravioli For #8220;Thanksgiving in a Bite#8221; 1804145721

Image Source: Aldi

Aldi will also be releasing Bourbon Sweet Potato ravioli that will be packed with a blend of sweet potatoes, bourbon, and cheese. Both new raviolis will be available in stores starting Nov. 6.

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