Almost 400 Birds Seized In Alleged Cockfighting Operation

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) – Police have seized nearly 400 chickens and roosters from what they’re calling an illegal cockfighting operation on a western Massachusetts farm.

According to The Daily Hampshire Gazette the birds were removed from a barn at Ravenwold Greenhouses in Northampton by police and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Friday.
Almost 400 Birds Seized In Alleged Cockfighting Operation
Animal control officers discovered signs of cockfighting during a barn inspection, including a large number of roosters, gloves used during fights and a bag of medication commonly used to cockfight. Other hints included roosters with sharpened spurs and an area with blood splatters. State law prohibits anyone from training animals for cockfighting. The farm’s owner says he rented the space to another person and had never been inside.

Richard Adams was identified through his Facebook page as the owner of Ravenwold Greenhouses. When contacted he said, “There was no fighting on the farm. It was nothing I had anything to do with … It was a rented spot they had. I cannot go into a rented spot without permission.

“I had nothing to do with it. It’s all up to the police and animal control and the MSCPA,” Adams added.

Police continue to investigate the alleged operation. No suspects have been arrested.

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