Amazing Facts About Barnacle

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These creatures were originally thought to be mostly related to snails, but after researched was done it proved they’re actually related to crabs.

Many colors

The Barnacle can be many different colors, pink, yellow, orange, brown and sometimes even covered with stripes.

Marine sea animal

There is over 1,000 species for the barnacle. The body of a barnacle can be found near saltwater of the shallow depths.

No heart or gills

Barnacle does not have a heart nor gills, they breathe through a wall in the body through feathery appendages called “cirri”.

Barnacles don’t move much

The barnacle will live on a singular object for majority of their life. The lifespan of a barnacle is somewhere between 8 and 20 years. They get their food by absorbing algae from the surround areas.


The barnacle in it’s larval phase is not protected by much. It takes til they’re older to be fully protected with their outer shells. They can still be attacked by whelks once they’re considered protected.

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