Amazing Hack To Clean The Green From Your Pool

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A woman named Lisa Pack filmed herself trying a hack that she hoped would help clean her green pool. The hack says to place one Mr Clean magic eraser in the skimmer basket overnight and watch it soak up all that yucky green that fills your pool. The proof is in the eraser! Pack shows the magic eraser in a photo shared to her Facebook page turned from white to green, with her pool looking sparkling clean in the background.

“Hey everyone, I had to post this. Everyone knows my pool is green by this time of the year. However, Whitney spotted this idea on Facebook and I figured why not try it,” Lisa wrote alongside a photo of the green magic eraser.”I had a box of Mr Clean magic erasers laying around. Now mind you, my pool wasn’t green but it looked like it was getting cloudy. I throw one of these in the skimmer basket and holla bing holla boom the cloudiness left and my sponge looks like this. I’m pretty excited to think something so cheap could help so much.”

Now you can enjoy the rest of your summer days in your clean, green free pool.

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