Amy Schumer Talks Being Married & Having Kids

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Amy Schumer recently made an appearance on the Ellen show, where she talked about marriage and having kids.

Amy Schumer, and Chris Fische tied the knot not long ago in a quaint, beautiful Malibu ceremony on February 13, which was just three days after Fische proposed to the actress. Schumer revealed to Ellen  that she got engaged the morning of Ellen’s big birthday bash.

“Celebrities are supposed to be quiet when they are getting married. We got engaged that morning, so we were going around [the party] and going, ‘We are getting married!’ Schumer said. “We were going around, and we were getting advice from everyone … told everybody who would listen. The waiters, the valet. I am so married! We have known one another for about a year, and we had already been living together for like five months [when we got engaged]. And we knew. I was like, ‘I’m done.’ I locked it down.’

Amy Schumer Talks Being Married & Having Kids
Schumer went on to talk about having babies in her future, “I have never wanted kids.”

“Here’s the thing, I have never wanted kids. And then I saw myself as a baby on your show and thought, ‘Who am I to deprive the world of such a cute baby?,’’  referencing to when she dressed as a big baby on the Ellen show.

The comedian/actress confirms that there will for sure be babies in her future saying, “Yeah, so I think we are gonna do it. Just use my genetics,” — yay!

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