An Order For 600 Chicken Fingers Goes Missing

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Sure, things go missing all the time, but have you ever heard of chicken fingers going missing? That’s exactly what happened to two high school graduates who ordered 600 chicken fingers for their graduation party from Raising Cane’s in Maple Grove, MN. only for it to go missing before they had a chance to pick it up.

Graduates Taylor Brodersen and Jimmy Lu couldn’t believe what happened. “I was kind of in shock,” Taylor told KARE 11. “Like, someone stole our chicken?” Lu, an exchange student from China, says that his host mom went to Raising Cane’s to pick up the order about an hour before the party began only to find out that someone else had already picked it up.

It’s still a mystery as to who claimed the massive order of chicken fingers. However, the restaurant came through for the graduates and managed to quickly re-cook the order again in an hour. A spokesperson from the restaurant told KARE 11, “Sunday afternoon, two customers came in separately to pick up the same large order. Customer service is a top priority for us, so we worked as quickly as possible to replace the order. As of now, we are unclear if this was simply a mistake or intentional. We are currently investigating the situation and that will determine next steps.”

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