Anthony Davis Determined To Win NBA Championship

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The newest Laker NBA star Anthony Davis has his sights set on a NBA title.

The 26-year-old has been focused on it for quite sometime he also revealed an interesting fact that no one knew about him on ESPN’s “That’s What She Said with Sarah Spain” on Monday: He’s admitted that he is still afraid of the dark.

“TV on, bathroom light on, some light has to be on,” Davis said. “I wish I wasn’t scared of the dark … I watched too many crazy movies when I was a kid and it messed me up for life.”

With Anthony Davis now being a Laker he and LeBron James together make them championship ready of course this is if Los Angeles doesn’t claim the title.

“I don’t think I have a failure that I’ve had yet,” Davis told ESPN. “Obviously at the end of my career if I don’t win a championship that would be, I would feel that’s one of my biggest failures. But right now, I still have a lot to do in this world on and off the court.

“So I don’t feel like I’ve failed in anything. I think I just continue to do it over until I succeed at it.”

He is ready for the upcoming NBA season.

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