Anthony Davis Talks About His 50pt Outburst

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Lakers put on a show against the Minnesota Timberwolves, The effort resulted in a 142-125 win. Rajon Rondo & DeMarcus Cousins played big roles in making sure their star forward kept making his buckets and getting the team that win.

“The team was telling me, they weren’t telling me how much I had, but they were saying, Get 50” said Davis.

“Usually I don’t really pay attention. I just go out there and play and try to get the win. But it’s hard when your teammates are constantly reminding you”, “Go get 50! Go get 50!’ So they made sure I was constantly reminded.”.

His team is full of guys that love to play with a fun spirit so it’s most likely something they challenge each other to do at some point during the game if someone is already accomplishing this goal may as well push them to do it.

LeBron James most likely had a lot to do with the win, setting up his team mates early for easy buckets and getting them for himself as well. The Lakers are in a good place in the basketball planet leading their team to a 21-3 record over the course of 24 games.

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