Ariana Grande Gushes About Her First Kiss With Pete Davidson

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have not been shy when it comes to showing their love and attraction for each other. The couple went public with their relationship on May, 18 and just weeks later they announced their engagement.

The two have been inseparable, with Ariana appearing at Davidson’s comedy shows, and Pete has done the same for his fiance by showing up to events and award shows, most recently supporting Grande from the audience as she sang at Aretha Franklin’s funeral in Detroit, Michigan on Friday August, 31.

Ariana recently phoned in to her best friend Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio show and couldn’t help but to gush about her man. Minaj asked the “God is a woman” singer about her and Davidson’s first kiss and she responded with, “It was sick. It was so dope! It was so cute. He asked me for permission to kiss me. It’s kind of complicated, because it wasn’t too naughty of a kiss, but it was like… there was so much… in there, you know? It was really sweet, but it was also really sexy.

Pete and Ariana met years ago when she was a guest on his comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live, and they have both confessed the sparks were definitely there, but at the time they were both in a relationship.”He’s like my best friend,” she said to Minaj. “It gets better every day. We’re the boy-girl version of each other. He’s, like, 70 feet tall, and I’m four inches tall!”

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