Ariana Grande Says “True Love Doesn’t Exist”

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Ariana Grande has had major success with her singing career, but that hasn’t necessarily been the case with her love life. The pop singer recently took to twitter to express how she has lost all hope in ever finding true love. “Actually … I don’t want no ‘next,” the 25-year-old wrote.

Ariana Grande Says “True Love Doesn’t Exist”


She went on to tweet, “true love doesn’t exist. Hope you’re having a great day!

“remember when I was a hopeless romantic lmfaoooOO.”

But maybe all hope isn’t lost for Ariana after all, she later came back to say, “true love might exist i was just hungry.” Totally makes since, hunger can make us all say some crazy things.

Ariana still has a lot of love for her ex Mac Miller, who passed away months ago, she recently covered an old Pete Davidson tattoo with ‘Myron’ — the name of Miller’s dog, who she took in after his death.

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Pete was really taken back and appreciative for the shout-out he received from his former fiance in her new ‘Thank you, next’ music video. A source reportedly told Hollywood Life, “Pete was really moved by Ariana’s ‘Thank U Next’ video. He found it really touching that she included such a sweet and loving shout out to him.”

In the video, Grande drew a big heart around his name, and wrote “I love u always,” “Sry I dipped,” and — “HUUUUGE,”which Davidson found to be very sweet of her.

Ariana seems to be over her search for love — but who knows — maybe there will be a “next” when the time is right.

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