Ariana Grande’s Fans Are Boycotting ‘7 Rings’ And She’s Totally Cool With It — Here’s Why!

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Ariana Grande’s fans are boycotting her song ‘7 Rings’ and the “Thank you, next” singer is not even mad about it. The Arianators are asking people to stop streaming the song for an attempt to get her latest single, Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored, to the number one spot —  a position that is currently taken over by 7 Rings.
Ariana Grande#8217;s Fans Are Boycotting #8216;7 Rings#8217; And She#8217;s Totally Cool With It #8212; Here#8217;s Why! 114124511
Fans have been using the hashtag #boycott7rings and it started trending so much that it caught the 25-year-olds attention. “Y’all are so insane and funny. i love u. nothing’s funnier than ‘boycott seven rings’….. i can’t lmao. whatever is meant to be will be, babies i ain’t goin nowhere #thankunext,” Ari tweeted in response.

If the fans actually get the boycott to work, ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’ will be the 3rd single off the track to make it to the #1 spot.

When a fan asked Ariana, “Can u please tweet #BOYCOTT7RINGS to show your solidarity?” the singer responded saying, “r u ok.” As much as Grande loves her fans and their support, she obviously isn’t down to boycott her own song.

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