Awesome Facts About Clownfish

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The clownfish is known as a “anemonfish” because they live close in the sea with anemones.


The anemonfish is a little different than the orange clownflish. The different is the thin black bands on the anemonfish while the orange clownfish has thick black bands that seperate the orange and white colors of the body.

28 different species

Clownfish are made up of over 28 different species. The popular movie featured clownfish but these fish were considered anemonfish.

The relationship

Clownfish have a symbiosis with anemone fish. This means both considered it beneficial to help one another survive. The clownfish will also eat anemone’s left over body parts and use venemous tentacles to protect themselves from predators.

Stable species

All of the eggs fertilized by clownfish make it to adulthood. Currently their popular is stable and doing well.

Clownfish Dance

Percula is the name of the clownfish that will dance in front of anemone to introduce itself.

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