Babysitter Caught Aggressively Shaking Baby On Nanny Cam

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Angela Petrella, 38, is facing harassment and child endangerment charges for violently shaking a 14-month-old boy named Alex while she was babysitting him at a Brooklyn home on Monday. The vicious act was caught on the nanny cam, cops said on Thursday.

The little boys father told police that when he reviewed the nanny cam footage from Monday, he saw Petrella picking up the baby, and shaking him until he began to cry and then putting him on a changing table. The dad then called the police right away.

Members of the NYPD’s Child Abuse Squad took Petrella in for an interview, where she admitted that she was on the video — leading to her being arrested on Tuesday.

The infant wasn’t harmed, police said. The charges were downgraded before her arraignment and a Brooklyn criminal court judge ordered her released without bail.

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