Bam Margera Attempts To Get Help From Dr.Phil

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Bam Magera MTV’s former celebrity and ex skateboarder has now reached out to Dr.Phil & says he needs help with his family and everything is in shambles.

He was well known from TV show Jackass, now claiming that his mom doesn’t show him any emotional reaction and that his wife doesn’t care for him anymore.

“Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way,” Margera said in his video post.

“My family is in shambles. It’s worse than it’s ever been, ever.”.

“Let’s get to my mom, which is the worst part. Everything she says is negative, and she always cuts people off and never lets them finish. She’s already ready to say what she’s gonna say, before you’re done, that means she’s not listening, ever. She invented a time machine, because we go nowhere so f–king fast, that it drives me crazy, and we can do this shit for hours.”

Margera is very frustrated with his mother.

Though his love for his son is quite apparent, Bam seems like he’d do anything to make sure his son knows he loves him.

“He’s the best,” Bam says, “I love him to death, and Nikki knows that. And if we separate, I know she’s going to use him as bait, and I ain’t playing that f–king game, so you can have him.”

Bam has struggled with alcoholism for a while now and claims he’s seen over 28 doctors for all his issues, so far nothing has helped.

Dr.Phil may be able to help if he choices to do so, currently there has not been an official reply from him.

Margera is known for his TV personality and doing insane stunts with his friend Steve-O.

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