Basic Self-Defense Training Everyone Should Know

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No matter the age or your physical ability, everyone should know a few essential moves to help them get out of the tough situation. Of course, the key is not to get into any life-threatening or difficult situation, but when goings get tough, you ought to know a few vital self-defense tricks that may save your life. We have all felt that unease feeling when you walk alone through a park or when you get a weird feeling when a stranger in the train stares at you, so why not learn a few basic self-defense moves to toughen up. Here is some crucial self-defense training that is both easy to learn and, if necessary, apply.

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Choose the best workout/training session

There is no need to go to the gym or do demanding exercises to strengthen up or gain sufficient stamina to combat your opponent. The key is to select the right training exercise that will enable you to reach full control of your body to use the self-defense moves appropriately. Basic krav maga techniques are the best, but if you try boxing or any other martial arts you will surely learn some of the most effective and quality self-defense moves. If you don’t know which sport to start, you can check out more on

Know where and how to strike

Many self-defense moves don’t require the use of weapons, on the contrary, your hands, legs, feet and the body can easily help you combat your way out. The first rule to know before you start with any training is knowing where to strike. Always aim at the soft spots when you want to strike in order to defend yourself like eyes, nose, jaws, throat, groin, knees and Achilles tendon. Aim at anything that is made for ‘breathing and breeding’. If someone would come up front to attack you, aim for the groin. A sturdy groin kick will surely paralyze the attacker and you would be able to escape.

Utilize anything that you have with yourself

If you sense danger, never wait for the attacker to aim first. If you are not so steady with your hands, use anything that you have with you to attack. If you are being grabbed or held tight, use your sharp car keys to break loose. And again, aim mostly at eyes, throat, and groin. Therefore, always keep keys by your side, and perform a hammer strike if an attacker is coming upfront.

Perform and defend a punch

Punches from an attacker mainly come either straight down at you or they are hooked from the outside. A basic self-defense move is to redirect the upcoming punch away from your body with your hand and always keep your fists up to protect your head. Once you have successfully defended a punch, strike powerfully by performing a defense strike. Go with a forceful heel palm strike and aim directly at the attacker’s nose or throat, or perform a momentous elbow strike to the face.

Escape effectively

Very often an attacker comes from behind, and then you get trapped in a bear hug. Avoid getting trapped in a headlock by shifting your hips to one side. Once you have twisted your hips, pull yourself out and perform a strong groin kick. Remain aggressive and perform any necessary counterattacks until you get disengaged and then escape.

Try not to exude fear

Fear is your worst enemy. Even if you are scared stiff, do your best no to show off fear. The key is a powerful body language and firm attitude. Don’t make eye contact with unknown people, clear yourself out from any troubles, and put your head and shoulders up.

Always walk along the well-lit area, don’t go to unknown neighborhoods, carry protection like paper spray or some personal safety alarm and a telephone. When you sense danger, immediately call the police.

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