Bebe Rexha Curses At Crowd For Not Singing Along With Her

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During a live performance at the Spotify “Best New Artist 2019” party at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, Bebe Rexha became upset at the audience for not singing along to “Meant to Be” and began cursing at the crowd. However, the Brooklyn native’s cursing done the job because the crowd began to sing the song with her.

Bebe Rexha Curses At Crowd For Not Singing Along With Her

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Bebe stopped the music, and began yelling at the crowd saying, “This song was No. 1 for 50 f–king weeks. You know what? I work too f–king hard for this bullshit, okay?”

The singer then pointed out that her mother was signaling for her to calm down, after saying she was calm she proceeded her rant saying, “I worked too hard for this moment. I’m from Staten Island, New York, and I’m standing on this stage right here at Spotify, thank you very much. Call me whatever the f–k you wanna call me. ‘Cause I’m a girl? Yes. I’m a big bitch right now. Go ahead! You’re gonna sing the f–king words if you know the f–king song. I don’t care.”

Some people took to social to call her out — but F–bombs and all, she looked stunning and sounded amazing!

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