Bernie Sanders and his wife are now being investigated for Bank Fraud

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It appears that the senator and his wife have now hired high end defense attorneys to aid them.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane Sanders are now being investigated federally by the FBI. The FBI also has allegations linked to a multi million dollar loan for the now closed liberal arts college.

CBS News confirmed that Bernie and his wife Jane hired high profile defense lawyers in light of the probe.

Bernie Sanders and his wife are now being investigated for Bank Fraud

Sen. Sanders was the Burlington College president he and his wife were blamed by many people after the college decided to close shop.

It also appears that the FBI will be looking to see if the senator also used his political influence to persuade the bank to approve the loan.

Sanders has kept quite quiet about this probe. This May in a interview with WCAX-TV the senator dismissed all of the allegations and called them nonsense.

Sanders is also claiming these allegations were politically motivated.

“This was initiated by Trump’s campaign manager, somebody who does this all of the time, has gone after a number of Democrats and progressives in this state,” said Sanders to WCAX-TV.

Jeff Weaver Sander’s political adviser told CBS news this week that the accusations are “baseless”. Jeff Weaver also stated that the bank loan was approved by the finical board at the college.

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