Best Ways To Master The Push Up

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Push ups are great ways to build up arm strength, if you’re looking for the best ways to master the well known exercise you can actually beat it. Most people don’t focus only on one part of their body instead constantly focusing on building up the weaker points in your body.

A classic to majority of fitness enthusiasts and anyone can do it, regardless of the person it can help burn calories quickly and improve your body posture.

There are push ups that can do that are easier than others, the true secret to mastering the push ups is to master them all.


This is an exercise that builds up your top body and helps you condition your body to be use to holding the weight that your arms naturally take on while doing push ups.
The plank is done by placing your elbows on the ground and holding the position while your legs are laying out straight ways.


Building the habit to do a full push ups is what is best, you can build up your arm strength by doing 10 push ups throughout your day in 3 or 5 different sets of time. This method is best if you’re looking to build up your upper body in smaller increments.

Wall Push Ups

The regular push up is obviously not easy for some people, a great way to work on the method without placing such a big amount of pressure on your arms is to do wall push ups. Wall Push Ups help with building the push up habit before hitting the ground with push ups.

Push Ups While On Your Knees

This is a method that can help not put a ton of pressure on your arms, but it is important not to place that pressure on your knees while attempting to make it easier.
Use this method if you want to do more push ups in a smaller period of time, keep your arms extended out fully and press all the way down while pushing back up with a slight force to get the most out of this workout method.

Side Planks

With this workout you’ll start with your feet together and your elbow extended out with your forearm facing all the way down shoulder will be lifted.
Now raise your hips until your body is up in a straight line, hold the stance without letting your hips drop to the floor.
You’ll repeat this step for both sides of your arms to help build up your core and make it easier to do the push ups.

Create A Routine

It’s best to master the push while committing to a routine, this routine would most likely be similar to a 8 week challenge.

The first week you’d do 10 push ups each day with a rest day in-between increasing the number 10’s each week until you’re able to do more each week.

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