Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl” ft/ Blue Ivy Is A Fan Favorite

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Beyoncé released her executive produced album The Lion King: The Gift, and on it, Blue Ivy Carter has made her official studio singing debut on the song “Brown Skin Girl.”

Beyoncé#8217;s #8220;Brown Skin Girl#8221; ft/ Blue Ivy Is A Fan Favorite 1310396256

Image Source: Instagram/Beyonce

Blue starts and ends “Brown Skin Girl,” singing the intro with Saint Jhn and the outro all on her own. The 7-year-old is also listed as one of the song’s writers.

“Brown skin girl/ Your skin just like pearls/The best thing in the world/ Never trade you for anybody else/ Singin’ brown skin girl/ Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world/ I never trade you for anybody else, singin’,” sang Blue in her soft voice.

Fans are losing it over Bey and JayZ’s daughter showing off her vocals for the first time. The song is definitely a hit. Check it out for yourself above!

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