Boosie Badazz Admits He Whoops His Children

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Famous rapper Boosie Badazz gave an interview that was really focused on his personal life as a person & father.

Known for his aggressive style of parenting Boosie spoke out on exactly his method of teaching his kids when they do wrong.

“I’m a fun daddy, but I discipline them too,” said the popular rapper. “I don’t beat them too bad, but I beat they ass. I give ’em a good ol’ fashioned ghetto whooping. I chew ’em out in front of their other brothers and sisters. They don’t like that. You don’t like to get embarrassed in front of your brothers and sisters.

“Other than that, if they out of line I beat they ass. Like, I beat my kids’ ass. And sometimes it falls back on me because I play with my kids a lot.”

“I was just clowning on Instagram,” he said. “I ain’t gonna get him no head. I ain’t gon’ bring nobody, gon’ get him no head but if he wanna get some head from a girl, he’s 14 years old. I’m cool with it.

“Yeah, f*cking at 14, so you know … F*cking is popular at 14, 15 years old. That’s when they be in heat. You know, but I’m not just gonna bring a girl to give him head. You know but from what I know, he got head before.”

The criticism that comes with this type of parenting has Boosie certain that fathers today don’t understand their children.

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Everybody in my Dm Sayin I'm a poor father etc. well you're wrong about that .Im there for my kids from the youngest to the oldest.If you don't think kids r sexually active at 14 you better wake up it's 2017. Where I'm from girls were pregnant at 13 and 14 on the regular.They had no daddy to talk to them about what's in boys ,the streets r STDs etc.I have a relationship where I can talk to my teenage kids about anything .Most of you women in my Dm who r coming for me never had a father figure in your life,never had a bond with your dad or just don't want to face reality that it's 2017 n kids r sexually active at that age.Its up to us as parents to have sit downs with our teenagers to learn what they r going through in all aspects of there life.Most of you men coming at me don't do shit for your kids smh U will never understand a bond with a child because your child has no respect for you n your absence in they life n they don't trust you at all .Your babymoma is they father ,mother n best friend. While you typing words to me u should be writing an apology to your child for being U (a sperm donor). Y'all can never be the daddy I am. I had shows Thursday to Monday this week n today it was time for me to take the majority of them back to Louisiana. Well check this out , I'm tired ass fuck right now. I could have put them on a plane are got someone to drop them off to Louisiana. Instead I'm in a sprinter right now driving them to Louisiana having fun with them on our last day together for a couple months. Muther fuckers that's what real daddies do.🖕🏿🖕🏿

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