Boy Selling ‘ICE COLD BEER’ Has Police Called On Him

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On a hot summer day, who wouldn’t want an ice cold (root) beer? Police were called on a young boy after his sign for his roadside business had many passing people concerned. The young entrepreneur held a sign that read “ICE COLD BEER.”

Boy Selling #8216;ICE COLD BEER#8217; Has Police Called On Him 1128151239

Image Source: Facebook

Police in Brigham City, Utah, say they responded to multiple calls after people reported seeing the underage boy selling beer on the side of the road.

When officers responded, they discovered the sign actually read root beer — with the “root” being very small for a clever marketing strategy.

“a twist on a lemonade stand,” the department wrote in a now viral Facebook post on Tuesday. “Yep, he’s selling beer … ROOT BEER, that is. His marketing strategy has resulted in several calls to the BCPD, but apparently it’s paid off as business has been good.”

Boy Selling #8216;ICE COLD BEER#8217; Has Police Called On Him 616170152

Image Source: Facebook

Lt. Tony Ferderber told KSTU-TV that the department received multiple calls in two days about the sign. The boy, named Seth, told KSTU-TV he thought of the “hilarious joke.”

“Ice cold beer, because it’s beer, but some people will find it funny because it’s root beer,” he told the TV station. Clever, very clever.

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