‘Bullet-Resistant’ Backpacks Are Being Sold In Stores

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When out shopping for pencils and paper for your child, you may see something on store shelves this year that you typically aren’t use to seeing. Some stores in Texas have started selling “bullet-resistant” backpacks.

The backpacks from Guard Dog Security, that can be bought online, can be purchased at Office Depot and Office Max locations. The backpack claims it can stop a bullet from a .44 Magnum handgun but it won’t protect from a rifle. The protective backpacks costs anywhere between $120 and $200.

Guard Dog Security’s founder, Yasir Shiekh, told KGUN that he wants parents and students to be prepared.

“I personally think whether it’s with our bulletproof backpacks, or not, it’s about starting that conversation of school safety, about possible active shooter situations,” he said.

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