Carmelo Anthony Gets Contract Guarantee From The Portland Trail Blazers

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Carmelo Anthony Gets Contract Guarantee From The Portland Trail Blazers 1320802165


The Portland Trail Blazers have announced that they will go ahead and guarantee Carmelo Anthony’s contract for the remainder of the season.

It’s possible the forward began getting calls after a serious return to the NBA averaging 16.9 points & 5.9 rebounds on a efficient 44% shooting.

Sure, he’s seen better games but at the age of 35 and considering he was never to see a NBA court again this is one of the best comeback stories in NBA history.

The contract is for 1-year worth $2.16 million, this is the contract you’d offer those that are on the veterans minimum to help the Blazers save cap space.

The Blazers were 5-9 prior to signing Melo, but the biggest thing to focus on is the scoring load only rested on Damian Lillard & CJ McCollum since signing Melo he’s been able to help with that and it’s lead to wins for the Blazers.

Carmelo admitted to ESPN that before the Trail Blazers offered him the contract he was ready to walk away from the NBA.

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