Carmelo Anthony Set To Make Debut Tonight

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Newest member of the Portland Trail Blazers, Carmelo Anthony has his mind set on winning, The team officially announced today that they’re ready to play their new forward.

“I always kept my eye on Portland,” Said the famous forward Carmelo Anthony.

His number has also been revealed, 00 will be his new number usually wearing the number 15 or 7, he’s decided to go with a double zeros.

He’s been asked several times about his encounter in Houston, the situation between him and the owner of the Rockets left him without a team after only playing 10 games.

“What happened before is the past; I can’t dwell on that. I learned from that. This happened at a point of time in my life where I do have a lot of clarity and understanding of different situations, just life. My approach is totally different.”.

Melo is apparently moving on with his new team and not focused on the Rockets, ESPN reports that he will get about 20 minutes a game right now and his contract is for $2.1 million dollars which is not guaranteed until Jan. 7.

Last season Carmelo Anthony averaged 29.4 minutes per game 13.4 points & 5.4 rebounds.

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