Carmelo Anthony Set To Stay In Starting Line-Up For Portland Trail Blazers

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Carmelo Anthony Set To Stay In Starting Line-Up For Portland Trail Blazers 1362469263

The game against the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony was not what many people expected, He scored 10 points in about 24 minutes of action. This was in an effort of shooting 4-14 on the court, this leads many people to speculate that he will be dropped out of the starting line-up which as many know for him is a big hit towards his character and ability to score.

Reporters spoke with the coach about potentially sitting him to allow someone else to take his place that may be better at shooting  “I don’t see why not,” after asked if he will remain in the starting line-up.

Currently Portland Trail Blazers are struggling to get offense going at any point in the game, they’ve admitted  to needing someone similar to Anthony on the court given these known offensive issues.

Damian Lillard was also injured this game, that most likely put a ton of pressure on Carmelo for his first game back since he last played with the Houston Rockets many fans can imagine the speed of the NBA is different than practice so this could describe the feeling of attempting shots and missing them in spots you normally make them.

“Within a year, the game has changed. The physicality of the game has changed,” said Anthony. He’s letting fans know the game is moving towards a different direction now since he last played and appears to be more physical now.

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