Carmelo Anthony Still Eager To Play In The NBA

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Carmelo Anthony has been struggling to find a new NBA team.

The scoring threat he once was doesn’t seem to be enough to land him a permanent spot on any NBA roster.

“I feel like the game didn’t love me back at that point in time,” Anthony told Smith on ‘First Take.’ ESPN reports.

Carmelo Anthony only played 10 games with the Houston Rockets before being cut from the team early in the season.

He seems to think this was a deeper than basketball decision.

During his time with the Houston Rockets he averaged 13.4 ppg, 5.3 rebounds & 0.5 assists.

Rumors surfaced after he was cut from the team that Melo wasn’t willing to accept a role off the bench.

“None of this stuff was ever discussed with me as far as me coming off the bench. All I needed was for someone to communicate that with me. And I think people was afraid to stand up and communicate,”

He elaborated on feeling like he wasn’t getting any communication from anyone.

“I wasn’t willing to accept that because that was never explained to me. If you sat down with me man-to-man and said, ‘Look, what’s best for this team is for you to come off the bench,’ I probably would’ve fought it a little bit, but then I’d have stepped away from it and said, ‘You know what, this is what’s best for the team.’”

Anthony wasn’t sure what his role with the Rockets was going to be before they cut him from the team.

Currently Carmelo Anthony is a free agent and still feels he can play basketball at a high level.

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