How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

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Power to all the single peeps! Valentine’s Day is here and while many couples are loved up on this day there are some, specifically those without a significant other, that are not fond of this day. If you are single and feel as though Valentine’s day has no value to you at all, don’t worry we have 8 ways you too can enjoy this day — own the single life!

Stay In

One of the easiest ways to avoid all the Valentine’s day mushy gushy stuff is to stay indoors. Binge on Netflix, order up a large pizza with extra of your favorite toppings, take a bubble bath, read a book, browse the web or dance around in your birthday suit because you can!

Babysit For A Couple

You could have a giving heart and give one of your friends and their spouse a night off by keeping their kids. A great way to keep your mind off the fact of being single is acting like a kid and what better way than spending some QT with a little one.

Go Shopping

You don’t need someone buying you chocolates and roses (that will die eventually anyway). Instead take yourself on a shopping spree and treat your self cause nothing feels as good as shopping.

Spend Some QT With Friends

Send out a text to all your single friends and plan an epic night out or in. You all can go out to eat, get drinks, go to a movie, bowling or go shopping. If you want to stay in plan a Netflix and Chill night or bring out the board games and wine for some fun — Happy Galentine’s day!

Get Pampered

Nothing says “me-time” like getting pampered. Get your nails done, get that pedicure, facial and wax session too. You can go get the haircut or hair color you’ve been contemplating — relax and enjoy yourself.

Go On A Mini Vacation

Go somewhere you have been wanting to go. If you are wanting to avoid running into your loved up friends go a few hours out and do something new or how about a staycation at a resort nearby — order room service, go site seeing and enjoy all the resort has to offer.

Hit The Gym

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single

Nothing feels better than blowing off some steam in the gym. Buy a cute workout outfit — cause hello everything is better in new clothes and make it the best workout ever! Take a workout class like Yoga, Pilates or Boxing who knows it might be a new hobby.

Learn Something New

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single

Take a cooking class, CPR class, self defense or art class to learn something new. It’s always fun to do something you’ve never done and there are always classes that are ready to teach you, just look up classes in your area.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about loving someone else it can be focused on loving yourself!

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