Celebrities Reactions To The Mass Shootings

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Over the weekend, two devastating mass shootings took place. The first shooting in El Paso, Texas, left at least 20 people dead. The most recent shooting in Dayton, Ohio, took the lives of 9 people, one victim being the shooters 22-year-old sister. Many celebrities took to social media to share their reactions to the tragic shootings that took many innocent lives. 

Celebrities Reactions To The Mass Shootings 841363359Celebrities Reactions To The Mass Shootings 841363359

Dwayne Johnson

Josh Gad



Julianne Moore

Elijah Wood

John Legend

Lili Reinhart


Lisa Ling

Janelle Monaé

Bette Midler

Alyssa Milano

Reese Witherspoon


Sarah Silverman

Cardi B

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