Celebrity Fitness Trainer Mandy Blank Found Dead In Her Home

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Mandy Blank, 42, “was discovered by a housekeeper in the bathtub of her L.A. home,” on Monday, according to TMZ. The celebrity fitness trainer was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the gossip site, “no drugs or alcohol were found at the scene and there’s nothing criminally suspicious about her death.”
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According to her website, Mandy “was the youngest competitor ever to win the coveted IFBB World Championships”. Bodybuilding And Fitness Magazine recently ranked her as having “the greatest glutes of all time”.

“I’m absolutely shocked, for sure,’ Mandy’s colleague Annette Milbers told TMZ. We messaged last week. She always made other people feel great.”

Her clients included,  Jordana Brewster, Matt LeBlanc, Mickey Rourke, Alex Rodrigous and Playboy Bunnies~ The Shannon Twins.

An autopsy and toxicology screening is planned, according to Daily News.

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