Check And See If You’re Eligible For $125 Following Equifax’s Data Breach Settlement

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You could be one of the estimated 147 million Americans entitled to a portion of nearly $425 million in compensation following Equifax’s huge 2017 data breach.

The credit reporting company has agreed to pay $700 million for claims tied to the hack that happened after Equifax botched a software update. To see if you are owed money,  simply enter your last name and last six digits of your Social Security number in a website managed  by the settlement administrator. If it says your personal information was compromised by the data theft, then you can file a claim.

Check And See If You’re Eligible For $125 Following Equifax#8217;s Data Breach Settlement 113000765

You can make a claim for compensation and also upload any supporting documents online at

Or you can send your claim by mail by downloading and printing a designated form, which can be filled out and sent with any supporting documents to:

Equifax Data Breach Settlement Administrator
c/o JND Legal Administration
P.O. Box 91318
Seattle, WA 98111-9418

The deadline to file a claim is January 22, 2020, and you won’t receive anything until the settlement administrator gets the go-ahead from a court, which would be January 23, 2020, at the earliest.

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