Chobani Launches New Line Of Non-Dairy Vegan Yogurt

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There is an ever growing demand for more plant-based products — being vegan myself, I am always happy to find new products being added that me and my family can enjoy. It has become much easier for vegans to go to almost any grocery store to pick up milk alternatives, dairy-free cheeses and even meatless meat options. Many companies are noticing the ever growing vegan community and are making efforts in creating more choices to the plant-based lifestyle.

Chobani, one of the largest yogurt brands, has launched a line of vegan yogurt that will be hitting stores shelves this month. Since yogurt is in fact a dairy product,Chobani’s chief marketing and commercial officer,Peter McGuinness, told CNN you “can’t call it a yogurt.” Instead the label will read “Non-Dairy Chobani.”

Non-Dairy Chobani will be available in 7-ounce single-serve drinks for $2.49 and single-serve cups of vegan yogurt priced at $1.99. The delicious flavors include, Slightly Sweet Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach, Mango, and Vanilla Chai.

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