Chris Brown And Drake Have A Dance-Off In New “No Guidance” Music Video

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Chris Brown and Drake’s hit song “No Guidance” video just dropped and it’s the best. In the video, Drake showed up to an after party, where there were plenty of women, cars, and dancing.
Chris Brown And Drake Have A Dance-Off In New #8220;No Guidance#8221; Music Video 1886344651
When the two artist came face to face, Brown challenges Drake to a dance off. Chris kills the challenge with his amazing dance moves, but Drake… however, yeah, it was bad!

But the video was very humorous, bringing on lots of laughs. At the end, after Drake’s entire team left in embarrassment, the rapper pronounced Chris to be the ‘real deal’ and the two shook hands and hugged.

The video was not a disappointment, especially for two men who were once enemies. As you may know, both singers were previously linked to Rihanna which caused beef between them, eventually escalating into a bar fight in 2012.

Check out the “No Guidance” video above.

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