Chris Brown Gives Fans Of “Indigo” Album 10 New Tracks

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Chris Brown has locked into his album “Indigo” and releases 10 new songs along with a extended version of the originally 32 track album.

The multi platinum selling artist put together new songs that has Tory Lanez, Rich The Kid, Sage The Gemini, Davido and DaniLeigh all into the “Indigo” album.

The new extended version of the album is available to stream:

1. Lower Body f. Davido
2. Overtime
3. Under the Influence
4. Outy When I Drive / Blamed f. Rich The Kid & Sage The Gemini
5. Nose Dive f. DaniLeigh
6. Flashbacks
7. Problem with You
8. Going At It
9. Technology
10. Tell Me How You Feel f. Tory Lanez
11. Indigo
12. Back to Love
13. Come Together f. H.E.R.
14. Temporary Lover f. Lil Jon
15. Emerald / Burgundy f. Juvenile & Juicy J
16. Red
17. All I Want f. Tyga
18. Wobble Up f. Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy
19. Need a Stack f. Lil Wayne & Joyner Lucas
20. Heat f. Gunna
21. No Guidance f. Drake
22. Girl of My Dreams
23. Natural Disaster / Aura
24. Don’t Check On Me f. Justin Bieber & Ink
25. Sorry Enough
26. Juice
27. You Like That
28. Troubled Waters
29. Take a Risk
30. Lurkin’ f. Tory Lanez
31. Trust Issues / Act In
32. Cheetah
33. Undecided
34. BP / No Judgement
35. Side Nigga
36. Throw It Back
37. All On Me
38. Sexy f. Trey Songz
39. Early 2K f. Tank
40. Dear God
41. Part of the Plan
42. Play Catch Up

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