Chris Brown Sued By An Unknown Woman Claiming She Was Raped

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R & B singer Chris Brown is being sued in a lawsuit by a woman who claims she was repeatedly raped at his home in Los Angeles, CA of 2017.

The lawsuit names rapper Young Lo born Lowell Grissom Jr and a unknown woman being involved in the incident. Gloria Ailred is the attorney of the alleged victim. Ailred also represented women who accused Donald Trump and Billcosby of sexual assault.

The claims filed in court are the woman was repeatedly raped, sexually assaulted and imprisoned during the party at Chris Brown’s house. Rapper Young Lo being the primary assaulter in the lawsuit along with over 50+ members who co-conspirator to the assaults.

Jane Doe says the events took place in February 2017 at Browns house. The night started with Brown’s performance at a club called 10ak, she was invited by her then-roommate to attend an after party which she was invited by Grissom.

The woman claims when she and her roommate arrived to the studio both their phones were taken and when asked for them back Grissom refused and told her the party was being moved to Brown’s house.

When she arrived to Brown’s house the singer gave everyone alcohol and drugs. She mentions that Brown handed her and another female guest “clear pill filled with white powder” and told them to take it and “have a good time”. The woman says she did not take the pill and sat by herself away from all the other guests hoping to be left alone.

Meanwhile the Jane Doe’s mother had become worried about her and used a software to locate her phone at Brown’s home. She called the police and asked them to find her daughter and once the police arrived Brown refused to open the gate for the police and told Grissom to hide the duffel bag filled with guns. The police soon left and Brown began brandishing a gun which made her more afraid. Grissom brought her roommate upstairs under the pretense of allowing her to use her phone.

Grissom then came back to Jane Doe and told her that her roommate was waiting for her upstairs so she agreed to go to the bedroom. Brown and Grissom closed the door and told them they wanted to have sex with her and her roommate. Jane Doe says she refused but more women came into the room and Brown ordered Grissom to push the couch up on the door so she couldn’t leave.

She was then ordered to undress and “hook up” with Brown and Grissom, while Brown turned on a stereo and television playing porn loudly. Some of the other men and women in the room then began engaging in sexual activity.

Jane Doe and one other woman then began refusing to participate and says she was then forced to perform oral sex on Grissom by grabbing her by her throat.

She was then demanded to have sex with Grissom in which she refused. Jane Doe was then ordered to shower which she did due to health concerns. While she was showering Grissom then came in and molested her again and then chased her back into bedroom before pushing her down to rape her.

Afterwards she asked Grissom for her phone again and he agreed but only to give it back to her in the laundry room. Once she got her phone back she called a ride sharing company and while waiting Grissom pushed her against the washing machine and raped her again before allowing her to leave.

Jane Doe went to the nearest rape treatment center and reported everything to the police. The suit filed alleges sexual battery, gender violence, violation of the Ralphs civil rights act, battery, assault, interference with the exercise of civil rights, intentional inflection of emotional distress and negligence.

The famous singer Brown has had numerous encounters with the law and has faced multiple accusations of physical assault. Chris Brown’s management has not responded to the lawsuit.

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