Chris Paul Pulls Off Impossible Win For The Oklahoma City Thunder

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Chris Paul Pulls Off Impossible Win For The Oklahoma City Thunder 387606178


The NBA has been really strict about enforcing their rules, some players have lent a eye on the situation a little closer than others. One NBA star that turned this into a win for his team is Chris Paul.

Known for his ability to make some of the best passes in NBA history it makes sense he’d be good at spotting issue’s other NBA players may be causing on the court.

Chris Paul noticed a interesting call being missed during his match up against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jordan Bell checked into the game with 1.1 seconds you could hear Paul shouting “Jersey untucked! Jersey untucked! That’s a delay of game!” shortly after that the ref blew his whistle and you could hear Paul yelling “damn right.”

His team mates used that momentum to turn a switch and win the game.

At 34 years old, He still remains the same player and can be an example to the way to play point guard.

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