Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

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The holidays can be a joyous occasion to spend quality time with that certain special someone. However, men aren’t particularly easy to buy for, especially when it seems like he has it all already. Whether you’ve only been together for a short time or you’ve been together forever, buying something for him can take careful thought.

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Thankfully, we’re here to spread the holiday cheer with some gift ideas that are perfect for your boyfriend or special male friend.

A Cool Charger

Make sure your guy’s devices never run out of juice with a slim, high-speed USB charger that includes multiple ports to charge more than one device at a time.

An Informative Clock

If that old iPhone or Android alarm makes him (or you) want to throw it across the room, it may be time to consider another option. A clock with sound-activated display sounds like the best replacement ever. Wake up to knowing the time, date, and temperature. Rest assured, it will automatically turn off when it’s quiet.

A Cool Pair of Sunglasses

You can never go wrong with a nice pair of sunglasses. A nice pair never goes out of style and Wayfarers are definitely a vintage look that will complete his ensemble. The best part? They come in unisex versions so that you can snag them for yourself on occasion.

A Fully Equipped Drone

If your guy was into radio-controlled cars, why not up his game a little by getting him a fully-equipped drone? Find out how drones work and pick one that comes with a high-def image and video capture and at least 25 minutes of battery life.

A Vaping Gift Basket

You can go with one that is pre-packaged or you can get creative and make one yourself. Include all the yummy vape juices that you know he’ll love. Or, maybe include a new dry herb vaporizer or concentrate vapor pen along with some sample cartridges. You also couldn’t go wrong including a box mod, tank, coils, and batteries.

A Bold-Flavored Whiskey

If your guy likes a strong drink every now and again, you can’t go wrong with a bold-flavored whiskey. Amp up the gift by including a nice decanter and glasses to complete the ensemble.

An Old-School Turntable

If he’s gotten into the rebirth of vinyl, you can’t go wrong by getting him a portable turntable. For being a portable record player, the sound is good enough for solo listening or with close friends. Bonus: it can connect to your devices through an auxiliary port for playback.


If he’s constantly talking about his family history, gifting him a DNA kit from a place like Ancestry, 23 & Me, or My Heritage can help him get closer to his ancestry by letting him know where his ancestors came from – and, in some cases, letting him know if he is prone to certain diseases.

Indoor Skydiving Lessons

Does your guy have skydiving as a part of his bucket list? Well, you can help him cross that off the list by gifting him lessons at one of the many indoor skydiving locations around the globe.

High Definition Dash Cam

These little cameras can come in pretty handy – from reliving particularly scenic drives to extra evidence for that accidents. Your guy may also be able to make money by selling footage online.

No matter who which guy you have to buy for in life, hopefully, this little list has given you some ideas. You can also go the traditional route and pick up touch-screen gloves or some other item of clothing. If it comes down to it, he’ll probably appreciate a gift card to Amazon so that he can get what he really wants himself.


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