Clever Ways To Re-Use Your Egg Shells

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Don’t Throw Away Your Egg Shells!

All the eggs we use on easter leaves us with a ton of egg shells to clean up. We have clever ways those egg shells can be re used instead of tossed in the trash.

For Your Coffee

Add an eggshell to the coffee in the filter and your coffee will be less bitter.


Eggshells quickly decompose in the compost pile and add valuable calcium and other minerals to the soil.

Face Mask

Grind down the egg shells to a powder finish add in honey and a drop of lemon for a great skin tightening and brightening mask.

Abrasive Cleaner

Crush the shell and add to some soapy water to use on things like stainless steel sinks, pots, etc.

Pest Control

Crush eggshells and scatter them around your vegetables and flowers to fend off slugs, snails, and cutworms.

Fun Craft

Use egg shells to make a cool art piece. Glue shells to canvas or cardboard in any shape you like. Get the family involed for a masterpiece using the kids dyed egg shells is a great memory piece.

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