Contemporary Home Interior Design Ideas For Autumn 2019

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Whenever a new season is about to come, it’s an excellent opportunity to try new things.  Now may be the perfect time to redecorate your interior design. Good thing there is an abundance of styles and trends you can try, from traditional to contemporary design. On the other hand, it makes selecting the best style that suits your home a little daunting.

Some of you probably like to incorporate a single style while others combine them to create their personal interior design. If you are planning to start an interior design project, it is a good starting point to know a little bit about each style. Some of the most popular are:

  •  Modern – Modern style is a broad interior design style that follows simplicity with crisp, clean lines and materials such as steel and glass.
  • Contemporary – Compared to modern, the contemporary style is doesn’t adhere to one form and is more fluid.
  •  Minimalist – The minimalist style follows the modern style but further simplifies it with neutral and airy colors as well as simple furnishings and accessories.
  • Traditional –  This design style incorporates classic details with lots of accessories and furnishings based on European design.
  •  Rustic – If you like nature, the rustic design gets its inspiration from it. This interior design mainly uses raw elements such as stone and wood.

Besides those mentioned above, there are various other styles you can try each with unique charm. One of the most popular interior styles this year is contemporary. Many homeowners favor contemporary home design accessories that include furnishings and colors that easily make your home feel comfortable. If that’s the style you’re looking for, below are some of the trends you might want to use to revamp your home.

  • Purple and Rose

Pink or more specifically rose, and purple are also popular options this autumn. They are cheerful shades that work well in renewing your home. With rose, the subtle, feminine aura softens your room’s atmosphere while violet is a stylish color that can match with any space. Feminine tones are in this 2019, which you can use to break up neutrals or taupe colors and update a tired space to a bright look.

  • Marble

Marble is as timeless as gold, which makes it an essential part of this season’s home interior set. It will add elegance to your home no matter the shape and color you choose. It matches well with any furnishing thus providing a pleasingly contemporary look. Homes will gravitate to not only marble backsplashes but also those with graphic or bolder colors in place of the monochromatic ones.

  • Velvet

Velvet is an excellent choice if you want a space that looks calm and cozy. It is back this season to provide a glamorous touch when you transform your home. It is a fantastic element to add to your contemporary interior design, given how it easily adapts to whatever home arrangements you have.

  • Gold

Gold is a classic that looks perfect no matter the time and style. Using gold to transform your home this season is ideal when used as the overall theme or at least the focal point of your interior design. One thing to note is it is a little complicated to integrate into your home. But mid-century furniture and gold is one combination that will undoubtedly add an autumn feel in your home.

  • Bright Shapes

Another popular trend for contemporary home design this autumn is the use of colorful shapes. Geometrical shapes, spots, and stripes in bold colors are perfect for giving your home a playful and happy look. They can quickly transform your home to give a warm feeling to anyone who visits your residence.

  • Florals

Oversized florals are a home décor that is also quite the trend this autumn. Big flower prints as murals are standard while others have them on beddings and cushions. It is best to keep the florals the focal point while the rest of the room remains in simple accessories and basic colors. Floral wallpapers and fabrics offer a traditional beauty that will be a pattern popularly used this season.

  • Neutrals

Neutral colors are a popular trend this autumn for homeowners who like a simple, but beautiful look for their home. In this trend, the emphasis is on natural elements. Common materials used are wood grains, stripped timbers, neutral-colored rags, and other items that aren’t brightly colored or extravagant in style. Light-colored wood floors are especially desirable, thanks to being both casual and luxurious while also comfortable.

  • Sculptural Objects

Homeowners tend to like textures in their home decors this year’s autumn season. It is why sculptural objects are also desirable accessories these days. With them, you can play around on colors, textures, trinkets, and other elements to create minimalist design pieces to add to your home’s aesthetic.

  • Yellow Curry

If your idea of a new look for your home is a warm and bright, yellow curry is an excellent choice. Problem is it’s difficult to use, which is why it’s best utilized as small accessories or decorative pieces. On the other hand, it matches well with any color and style, including contemporary.

  • Ball Lamp

One excellent contemporary home design accessory that can add warmth and softness to your interior is the ball lamp. It’s a simple device that can be either marble or brass. You can pose it or suspend it in the air, an imposing lamp that no doubt adds aesthetic value to your home.

Sustainable, handcrafted contemporary home design accessories are particularly trendy this year. Many designers know of the various environmental issues that the planet faces. With that, they choose to use furniture, accessories, lighting, and other design parts made of either handcrafted or recycled materials.

More and more homeowners also like to add grounding elements such as jute, clay, and rice paper in their homes. This way, they can be in touch with the earth and nature. This autumn 2019, the contemporary interior design is more about calm, soothing pieces, and getting you acquainted with past handiwork that brings nature inside your home.

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