Cool Facts About Anchovy

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One Hundred Fourty Four Species

The anchovy are found in Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and Pacific Oceans. There are 17 species genera inside of the 144 species.

National Day

Pizza with anchovies is a national holiday celebrated on November 12th.

Easy to bait

To catch an anchovy they’ll react to crap paste. This is what is used to catch anchovies.

Anchovies lay a lot of eggs

The anchovy is a fish that can spawn a big amount of eggs. One individual anchovy can lay up to more than 200,00 eggs.

The eggs catch quickly

The eggs of the anchovy will hatch in about two days and the larvae will sink to the bottom.

Anchovies eat mostly on plankton, they will grow quickly to about 4 to 10 inches long.

You can find the freshest anchovy

The freshest anchovy will be the one with their iris that is black and not reddened.

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