Cool Facts About Bull Shark

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Very Strong Bite

Sharks all have a strong bite, this bull shark is the strongest shark since the jaw strength has last been measured.

The bull shark diet

Bull sharks will eat oysters, bony fish and even smaller sharks. This shark is not limited to what it eats, the list goes on stingrays, turtles, bull sharks, birds, dolphins all are in the list.

Retains salt well

The bull shark of the sea all have glands that help their bodies retain salt while they’re in freshwater.

Big hit in the aquarium

Bull sharks are often times displayed in public aquariums. Bull sharks can live in captivity for 25 years and sometimes for even longer.

Find them in coastal waters

You’ll find bull sharks along the coastal waters all around the world. Bull shark has a chance to remain under the sea in fresh water for very long amounts of time.

Sharks attacks are over estimated

The average amount of shark attacks each year is 16 and with 1 or 2 fatalities each two years.

Over 100 million die each year

The number has went up over the past years with over 100+ million sharks are now killed each year world wide.

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