Cool Facts About Dottyback

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100 species

The dottyback is a part of the fish family that has over 100 hundred species. These multi-colored fish are among the most popular fish for aquariums.

These fish are very small and will not grow longer than 4 inches.

Territorial fish

These fish are considered very territorial and will go to great attempt to move away other fish.

Fishes they get along with

The dottyback will prey on smaller fish and eat meat type foods.

Fishes that are great to pair with the dottyback fish is angelfish, surgeon fish and squirrel fish.

Where they come from

Dottybacks origin is in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Indo Pacific Ocean.


These colorful fish can be several different colors in shades such as yellow, grey, black, blue, purpose, white & red.

Bully Fish

These small fish are considered so aggressive in their nature they can only be tank mates with bigger fish. They will be aggressive with fish of their same gene.

You can expect this type of behavior with the dottybacks, they are also very fast fish and difficult to catch if you’re attempting to move them to a different tank.

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