Creative Ways to Travel the World

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Traveling the world is full of diverse experiences and there is an even greater number of unique ways to do it. If you’ve been longing for something more than the resort and tourist excursion vacation formula, then these innovative ideas on how to explore the globe are for you.
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Teach English Overseas

Teaching English in a foreign country is not as intimidating as one might presume. Oftentimes, little to no knowledge of the native language is required. Teaching automatically puts you in a position to interact with local inhabitants and learn first-hand about their culture. Not a kid person? That’s okay. There are many opportunities to educate adults as well. Almost every country in the world has an opportunity for you to live and teach in their community. Some programs may even provide funding for transportation and housing, making this a budget-friendly travel option.

Get a Job on a Cruise Line

Ever wanted to take a luxury transatlantic cruise but never had the funds to do so? Well, why not work on a cruise ship? Taking on the world by boat can offer a whole different set of experiences than other modes of transportation can lend you. Working for a cruise line gives you the opportunity to not only visit your most desired countries and learn their culture, but you also get to interact with the cruise guests who are often from all over the world. The contracts with cruise lines are often short, around 6 months, and usually, housing and food are fully covered. There are many different professions required for a quality cruise line and people with backgrounds in anything from comedy and entertainment to weather mapping and engineering can easily find a position.

Find Employment on an International Farm

If you’re an adventurer with a green thumb, working on an international farm could be the way to travel that you’ve been hoping for. Through programs like the World Wide Organization of Organic Farms (WWOOF) you can help plant, maintain, and harvest organic crops all while living and visiting the countries you’ve been dreaming of seeing. WWOOF offers housing with a host family and covers all of your food expenses in exchange for 4-6 hours’ worth of work per day on their organic farms. A yearly WWOOF membership is around 50 USD and grants you access to host homes in nations all over the globe including Turkey, Spain, Japan, Sierra Leone and many more.

Work as an Au Pair

Voyagers with a passion for caring for children can find many travel opportunities by becoming an au pair. Basically a fancy word for a traveling babysitter or nanny, an au pair cares for the children of families in different countries while their parents are at work. This usually leaves you with nights and weekends free, giving you ample time to explore the tourist attractions on your own or just relax and live like a local. There are many agencies that can help set up your au pair experience via online application. They will assist in connecting you with your host family and helping you obtain your travel visa.

Become a Digital Nomad

You know those pictures of people working on their laptops in a hammock on an exotic beach somewhere? Well, that could be you! Freelance and remote occupations are becoming so popular these days that most companies offer some type of remote position. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be an avid techy or coding geek to land a job. Careers in marketing, writing and editing, social media management, design, teaching, HR, accounting, and even healthcare can all be done from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device wherever you are in the world. Websites like and can help you find your next big career move and free yourself from the stationary, 9-5 workday so you can start living and earning from anywhere in the world.

There are so many ways to see all that this planet has to offer and even ways to get paid while doing it. So the next time you find yourself bored with your usual vacation plans, you can try these exciting and ingenious ways to travel the world.

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